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Sneaker Taupe Vista Propet Strap Women's qw71xtf

It is very important that certificate students comply with these completion instructions as certificate completions cannot be processed retroactively.

Before the end of the add/drop period (add/drop period dates can be found in the School’s academic calendar) of the term in which you are taking your last certificate course, please complete the Notification of Certificate Program Completion form.  When completing the form, please be sure to include information about any approved changes to the certificate curriculum that you made in completing the coursework. Submit the completed form by email to the Program Contact for your certificate program (names and email addresses are listed on each of the individual certificate pagesSteve Dress Women's Blush Patent Dark Madden Daisie Pump w8x8qU1).  Failure to notify the program of your certificate program completion in a timely manner may result in loss of interest subsidy on any subsidized federal direct loans and/or non-compliance with Satisfactory Academic Progress due to extended length of the program.

Certificate completions cannot be processed retroactively; the notification of certificate program completion form must be submitted before the end of the add/drop period of the term in which a student is taking his/her last certificate course. 

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